"Vicious Love" série anglaise sur les relations entre gays

Vicious Love: What the British Sitcom Has to Say About Gay Relationships


How do you do it? The question of romantic longevity is a banal one for a young dinner guest to ask of her older hosts to be sure, but it’s the right one on Vicious, the British sitcom starring Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi that’s just been imported to PBS. Freddie and Stuart, who have been together 48 years, survey each other across the coffee table in a late-season episode, a certain morbid curiosity tinting their shared gaze. “Well, I mostly attribute it to the fact that he won’t leave,” Freddie offers, matter-of-factly. Stuart’s eyes narrow and his mouth tightens grimly: “When the time comes, I’m going to so enjoy unplugging you.”

These dark quips are played for laughs, of course, but the exchange—and indeed, the entirety of the series—also functions as a profound answer to the question. How do two people, in particular two gay men, build and maintain a loving relationship for half a century?


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