The aging and health report

The Aging and Health Report

Disparities and Resilience among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults 

Rapport complet


Une étude très complète sur la situation des seniors LGBT aux USA.

J'aimerais que nous puissions avoir ce même genre d'étude en Europe et en France !


“My primary concern is the lack of services for LGBT elders.
Many gays and lesbians do not have family or spouses as a support. Many, even at a young age, are on their own.
It is imperative that the LGBT community and government work toward organizing services that provide members of the LGBT community,
especially elder members, with such services.”
53-year-old lesbian 


“The LGBT community has stepped up in the past to address coming out, AIDS, and civil rights. The next wave has to be aging.”

63-year-old gay man 


“Isolation, finding friend support, caregiving and health are the biggest issues older gay persons face.
Who will be there for us,
who will help care for us without judgment?”

66-year-old lesbian 


“Our community needs to acknowledge our next stage... being old...embracing it gracefully.”

63-year-old lesbian 


“Internalized homophobia negatively affects the heath, careers, and social life of
LGBT men and women.”

63-year-old gay man 


“I have done well. I am educated. I am self sufficient.
I have a relationship with my children.
I am alone - I never had a partner because I lived in a closet.
I still have two sets of friends - they may suspect but are too polite to ask and I would not share anyway.
My hope is that today is a more gentle time.
Young people come out are accepted and build lives and long term friendships,
being who they are.”
72-year-old gay man 

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