Aging with equity

"When I call for services, I want to be connected with someone who is comfortable with my being gay.”

“ We need to develop programs and ideas that keep older LGBT persons involved in the community.
Tap into their experience, networks, and resources.”



Based in Boston, the LGBT Aging Project aims to reduce fear and isolation among LGBT seniors and to improve the quality of life for this underserved group. The project pursues these goals by fostering changes to create a more welcoming and culturally appropriate service network for LGBT elders within the mainstream elder services system. Activities include: enhancing the involvement of LGBT elders in their own service planning and self-advocacy; presenting policy recommendations to legislators, nonprofit managers, philanthropists, and other decision makers; forging collaborations among aging, health, and LGBT networks; and training elder service agency staff in providing culturally competent services. The project is also in the process of establishing Boston’s first congregate meal program for LGBT elders.

Recently, the LGBT Aging Project has launched

various policy-oriented initiatives that directly affect LGBT seniors’ ability to access care. These initiatives include the development of a model LGBT-inclusive intake process and a service-rating system to assess the level of LGBT-friendly service delivery in various settings. The project is also challenging Medicaid’s refusal to protect the jointly owned homes of same-sex couples when one member of the couple needs to live in a nursing home. While the homes of married couples are protected when one spouse seeks Medicaid reimbursement for long-term care placement, LGBT couples are excluded from this protection, leaving them vulnerable to financial crisis when one partner’s health begins to fail. For more information, visit the group’s website at

A general support grant from The Boston Foundation has helped to fund the LGBT Aging Project’s important work. 



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